Bachpan aur jawani

Khusian jo han
Saraab han

Phir q yun ha
Yaqeen sa

Wasl jo ha arzi
Phir q yun ha
Intazar sa

Kuch miltay hi kho janay ka khauf jab daranay lagay… tau samjho bachpan guzar gaya
Kuch miltay hi aukat se bahir ho jayen tau samjho bachpan ha
Aur kuch b mil jaye ya lutt jaye tau tasalli rahay tau burhapay ki nishani b ha

Kuch logon k nazdeeq dhoka kha k sabar kar lenay ka naaam maturity ha.


Embarrassment, Glory and Achievement

  • These are 2 sides of the same coin:
    Glory & Embarrassment.
  • It’s improbable that you have achieved anything great in life, if you have never embarrassed yourself.
  • High risk high return
  • high return high burn
  • {Daring, Failure, embarrassment, shame} Repeat
    {Daring, Failure, embarrassment, shame} Repeat

    .. till
    N, where N is {Daring, achievement, glory, appreciation}
  • A person should only know what one wants, the universe teaches you everything else.

Who are Books?

Books are a teacher, the mentor; you never had the good fortune to learn from in person.

Every aspiring person among us yearns to have a mentor in their lives. Not all of us are lucky enough to get one. This is a case where the books fill the gap of that mentor-ship to a great extent, if not completely.